Application Management

Queue Migration Services

We’ve now extended our Replacement Technology Practice for Queue migration services. SmartPrise Queue enables the enterprises to automatically migrate the ActiveMQ /JBoss MQ to WebSphere MQ services. This automation process saves 50-60% of cost involved in the migration process in terms of time and effort.

SmartPrise Queue is the MQ migration tool which helps to convert the inbound queues from ActiveMQ to WebSphere MQ. SmartPrise Queue provides a cost effective methodology and solution for enterprises which are finding hard to integrate their open-source based Queue solutions with various applications and business processes with limited technical support and upgrades.

SmartPrise Queue enables the enterprises for an easy switch to open-source or commercial platforms based on their business need and IT budget with an automated migration process that makes the migration simpler and cost effective. SmartPrise Queue performs 40-60% of the migration process automatically in converting the ActiveMQ to WebSphere MQ, while ZSL follows industry best guidelines and practices to migrate and develop business logic components based on WebSphere MQ technologies.

SmartPrise Queue, which supports Point-to-Point message model, provides the enterprises the advantage of retaining or creating rich and user friendly UI for queues and data management while migrating to WebSphere MQ or ActiveMQ-JBoss environment and to create queue manager dynamically.