Application Development & Testing

User Acceptance Services

ZSL Validation Services involves significant participation from our customers, as UAT is basically driven by the user requirements that are typically fluid and subject to review and change. Interaction with the customers’ right from the requirement definition stage is carried out to effectively participate in and manage the UAT process. Starting with the Business Requirement documents, Black Box testing approach is used to produce full-coverage of the end-to-end business scenarios and to uncover critical defects in the client’s existing system.

Our service helps software vendors and business software users to assure themselves that their software is functionally ‘molded to suit the purpose’. It also identifies areas where user needs are not included in the system or the needs are incorrectly specified or interpreted in the system.

ZVS Testing Methodology

The below figure shows the User Acceptance Testing Approach followed in ZVS.

ZVS Testing Methodology