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Game Testing Services

All Game Development companies face tough challenges of getting the game titles to market - on time and on budget. The rapid growth in the games industry has raised the quality standards of the games and to keep the game production costs at a minimum in order to stay competitive in the global market, outsourcing Game testing becomes a necessity.

We provide Quality Assurance and Testing services for all your game titles irrespective of their genre and on a variety of platforms including PS2/ PS3/ Xbox/ Xbox 360/ Nintendo DS/ DS Lite/ GBA/ Wii/ PC/ Mac.

Our experienced testing team is a mix of hard core gamers and trained testing professionals, who understand both the technical and playability aspects of the game. There is a notion that being an avid gamer might qualify you as an eligible candidate for a game tester as well. This isn't always true. This is because, when you are testing the game, you'll have to put in long hours playing the same game, missions, and levels over and over again, from different angles with the intent to uncover maximum defects. Our testers are hardcore gamers with strong knowledge of testing methodologies. They love to play games with a careful eye on technical details. They test how well your title performs, taking care of functional, performance and usability aspects to identify glitches.

Our state-of-the-art Game Testing Lab - facilities, networks, hardware, peripherals, houses the necessary resources required to test your game titles. Our Testing labs are equipped with a full range of the peripherals from the leading console manufacturers. Our computers are set up with multiple operating system/ configuration capability allowing us to test your game titles in various environments.

ZVS Game Testing Methodology

The below figure shows the Game Testing methodology followed in ZVS.

ZVS Game Testing Methodology