Application Development & Testing

Testing Centre of Excellence

Testing Centre of Excellence can serve all diverse testing requirements with a prominence on stable process improvements, support new implementations and changes fine-tuned to meet expected testing service levels and create visibility into the quality measures of IT applications, keeping everyone informed, and aligning IT applications with business objectives and help promote a culture of learning and innovation.

Our Testing Centre of Excellence is a combination of people, procedures, tools, capability, support and management and a one-stop-shop for offering valuable testing services. We aim at increasing our test span, speeding up the test process and making it more cost effective through the efficient use of technology, tools and methodologies.

We are committed in helping our clients to decrease the overall cost of quality. This includes cost-effective QA services channels - Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Localization Testing, Security Testing - with Test Tools and Automation.

Solution & Services Offered by Buinsberry

Testing Centre of Excellence independently handled Software Testing Centre of Excellence providing an integrated and objective oriented combination of:
  • Validation Services
  • Excellent Practices and Procedures
  • Information Management
  • Tools & Technologies

Key Benefits of Testing Centre of Excellence

  • Scalability – Accessibility of unified processes, standards, tools, and resources to decrease lead time in offering testing services and supporting scalability needs.
  • Objectivity – Testing process management and best practices with metrics based management are implemented. Test process analysis is executed to provide improvements based on trend analysis of key metrics.
  • Consistency – Better output and operational efficiency through synergy of expert people, best-of-breed testing tools & techniques, paramount standards and procedures, automation frame works, and reusable components.
  • Continuous Improvement – Capacity to validate and resolve technological solutions for business requirements, by leveraging on knowledge bases, best practices, innovations, domain expertise and technology competencies.
  • Cost Effective & Compressed Delivery Time – Testing strategy is defined based on Quantitative Test Process Management techniques, thereby improving testing efficiency to track and eliminate defects earlier, and ultimately facilitating cost advantages and reducing delivery time.