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The time available for the testing phase of a software development life cycle is shrinking in the current fast -paced market, where newer products and versions need frequent changes in order to stay top in the business. Even if you have an excellent development team who delivers a first-class product, only comprehensive testing can give you the confidence that the product will function properly when it reaches the customer. Functional Testing is the most widely accepted testing practice and is the part of any testing project which makes sure that the required functionality is working properly before the system or application goes live.

Even though there are many automated tools in the market which support functional testing activities, companies still struggle to achieve the level of quality they were looking for in their products. This is because they overlook the importance of the Manual Functional Testing. In the current testing market, over 70% of activity is still manual, with the remaining 30% being automated. This shows the importance of an organized Manual Functional Testing practice. Manual Functional Testing is a black-box testing method that involves converting the Functional Requirements of the product into Manual Functional Test Cases which will provide a swift and objective way to assess the status of expected functionality.

The test cases are then used to closely compare the Functional Requirements with its actual observed behavior, and then provide a detailed analysis of any discrepancies. To achieve this, the Manual Functional Testing activity must follow proper planning and best practices in order to come up with suitable results.

Our highly experienced and well qualified Team of Manual Functional Testers within COE can help you with the following activities:

  • Analysis of requirements and application functionalities
  • Creation of a detailed Functional Test Plan
  • Generation of Functional Test Scenarios and Functional Test Cases
  • Manual execution of Functional Tests
  • Defect Tracking
  • Regression Testing
In addition to offering Manual Functional Testing, Buinsberry are partners with many of the major test tools vendors, and can provide you with a COE-Test Automation Services solution that will use the most advanced tools specific to your requirements which complements the manual functional testing to ensure that your product will be suitable for release.

COE Manual Testing Process