Application Development & Testing

Test Automation Services

Our Testing partner ZVS proficiency includes test automation for products and applications across multiple domains. Our expertise ranges from usage of different testing tools to developing customized automation tools. Due to the complexity of some of the products, ZVS has developed own framework for automation to meet specific project requirements. ZVS has delivered multiple test automation engagements using commercial and open source tools.

Test automation involves considerable investments of time, money, and resources. With a variety of test automation tools available, it is highly important to choose the right tool set. ZVS deals the automation challenge through Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Automation which carries out independent real world research on existing commercial and open source tools. We recommended the tool that best suits a customer’s needs with the ultimate aim of helping them gain a positive ROI.

ZVS Test Automation strategies are designed to cover key business scenarios or functionalities in the product. ZMCDA Framework enables to achieve detailed testing with significant reduction in test cycle time with high quality.

ZVS Testing Centre of Excellence (ZTCoE) is a unified and balanced organization that provides a full range of software quality and testing services to support the effective, efficient and consistent delivery of quality software.

ZVS Testing Methodology

The below figure shows the automation methodology followed in ZVS