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In today’s speed and extremely competitive software market, enterprises require all the feasible advantages. One way to deliver products faster and at lower cost for global target markets is by creating globalized applications. The Globalized application is that which functions in multiple cultures/locales, i.e. the content in the application can be in multiple languages, currencies, Numeric’s, date formats, and units of measurement. When globalizing and localizing the applications there may be many issues such as User Interface Issues, Language Issues, Date and time Formatting Issues and String-Related Issues.

With these difficulties, organizations need to ensure that their application meets the requirements in all the locales. ZVS Globalization testing ensures that applications can be used in multiple countries, by users who have different languages and different cultures around the world. We provide a full range of wing to wing testing services for Globalization testing

  • User Interface Testing
  • Functionality/Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance and scalability.
ZVS testing services on the globalization testing includes globalized functional test, Internationalization testing, localizability test, localization test and Linguistic Testing. With our experience in Globalization Testing we can help to reduce your test time and costs and help you assure a quality deliverable of globalization, localization and internationalization.

Internationalization is the process of designing and coding a product in such a way that it can perform properly when it is modified for use in different languages and locales. The goal of internationalization testing is to confirm that the locale-specific formats and standards are followed.

Localizability testing verifies that you can easily translate the user interface of the program to any target language without re-engineering or modifying code. Localizability testing is essentially a hybrid of globalization testing and localization testing. Successful completion of localizability testing indicates that the product is ready for localization.

Localization is the process of adapting a globalized application to a particular culture/locale. Localization Testing checks how well the build has been localized into a particular target language. This test is based on the results of globalized testing where the functional support for that particular locale has already been verified.

This testing also ensures that the completed translation is contextually accurate, grammatically correct, and culturally appropriate. Our language experts will recommend corrections for mechanical, style, and diction errors as needed.

Our efficient testing process and approach brings quality and value to globalized products. ZVS testing services has the experience in designing and performing these tests on a number of products in a variety of markets. Our test automation experts in partnership with domain experts make use of appropriate automation tools, test tool implementation methodology, and test automation design approach, to ensure that complete testing solution is provided cost effectively and on time.

ZVS Testing Methodology

ZVS Globalization Testing Methodology ensures the highest level of quality. Our testing process brings reliability and value to Globalization products.

Globalization Testing