Oracle Services

Business Intelligence & EPM

No longer a luxury item, Business Intelligence (BI) applications are required to optimize corporate profits and performance. The most valuable BI systems pull data from across the enterprise and present information to users in a meaningful way to improve decision making.

Most organizations collect and store a lot of data. However, the data is valuable only if it helps improve the quality of your organization's decisions. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications...

  • Access data from multiple sources across your organization
  • Present data via intuitive, understandable dashboards, reports and alerts
  • Deliver an enterprise view of performance

By providing access to enterprise wideinformation in an easy to understand format, Oracle BI Applications help business managers make better decision that improve overall business performance.

Many organizations all over theworld have managed to automate their business processes through ERP and other auxiliary applications. They have increased operational efficiency, being able to make changes in their business operations, in a fast and efficient way.

While the organizations improve their operational excellence, they also look for a competitive differentiation through the excellence in management. To achieve this, information analysis must be more detailed and faster than the competitors, allowing fast decision making, and the implementation of changes with agility.

Buinsberry offers a comprehensive catalog of services that helps organizations to standardize, automate and integrate their management processes through Oracle Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Manage solutions implantation.

The wide knowledge of the features and the architecture of Oracle Business Intelligence have helped Buinsberry to reach the position in the market as a specialized partner in information analysis tools, also in defining and building models by using Oracle Business Intelligence.