Oracle Services

SOA Suite

As the speed of technology is steadily increasing only radical innovation can be the name of the game. The Innovation Driven Enterprises doesn't wait and watch but rather race to reach the next level of growth and efficiency choosing best-of-breed SOA and BI Applications for current and future business systems. They want to deliver even greater services to their customers and focus on implementing new powerful processes for their company.

Old &Traditional BI systems struggle to deliver appropriate and well-timed data to employees who make critical decisions every day. Data presented in custom reports is often too old to be useful and may only be presented to executives. If your front-line decision makers cannot access the information they need, they cannot make the best decisions for the company.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are complete, prebuilt BI solutions that provide timely, fact-based insight into activities across the entire organization. They gather relevant data and aggregate it into the most appropriate metrics and formats for the business user. Because data is pulled from multiple systems, soloed views are eliminated and cross-functional analysis becomes possible. Everyone from executives to front-line employees gets complete and in-context insight that is personalized, relevant, and actionable.

In the line of a service-oriented architecture, systems from different providers can work together to achieve business objectives. Capitalizing on the IT integration strategy, SOA Suite allows modeling the interactions among systems in terms of business processes.

Buinsberry employs a number of Business Process Management experts. SOA Suite and BPM Suite tools provide us with support for reengineering and modeling our client’s processes. In an environment where the need for new functionality and quick changes is constantly growing, the rationalization of current systems, within the growing SOA schema is a must.