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Customers are becoming very demanding. Every business is looking for a competitive advantage. Recently, that advantage has driven more and more companies to utilizing tools that respond to changes in the customer relationship and support the sales & marketing process.

Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud (SMAC) technologies will play a significant role in the building of next generation of CRM. Building solutions on this SMAC-stack requires a unique set of technical skills, different from the traditional software programming. This presentation focuses on some of the upcoming SMAC trends and the skills needed to stay relevant as these trends unfold.

Oracle offers a complete and integrated CRM solution that breaks down silos to deliver a seamless customer experience across marketing, sales, commerce, service, social, and configure, price, and quote (CPQ). Whether deployed modularly to tackle specific business challenges or deployed as a comprehensive solution, Oracle's CRM approach enables your company to:

  • Provide cross-channel, consistent customer experiences using pre-built business processes that span silos
  • Integrate CRM with enterprise applications, providing connections throughout the buyer's journey and making operations more efficient
  • Leverage industry-specific best practices for competitive advantage and lower TCO

The world's most complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Oracle's Siebel CRM helps organizations differentiate their businesses to achieve maximum top-and bottom-line growth.

Siebel delivers a combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features to manage all customer-facing operations. With solutions tailored to more than 20 industries, Siebel CRM delivers comprehensive on premise and on demand CRM solutions that are tailored industry solutions with role-based customer intelligence and pre-built integration.

Within the Buinsberry portfolio there are two types of licensing models offered by Oracle, the On Demand version which main feature is the pay per use mode or the On Premise version where the client is the software owner.

Our team focused on Oracle CRM implementations is integrated by more than a dozen experienced consultants spread along the geographies where Buinsberry is located. Aligned with our will of offering a differential value to our clients we count with a specific training program to guarantee the quality of our developments and the success of the projects in which we are involved.

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