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SAP opened a new era in data processing with the innovative in-memory technology SAP HANA. As with all revolutionary technologies, reactions range from hype to skepticism. The truth however is that the database technology improves the operation of large SAP systems and brings great advantages to SAP customers and gradually all SAP products are moving to SAP HANA.

SAP HANA is the most talked about SAP innovation in recent times and is described by leading industry analysts as “game-changing.” The in-memory platform offers businesses a foundation in which to build a whole new generation of applications offering up data in real-time across the enterprise. Forbes cites that, “SAP has begun delivering taggering new levels of performance for customers ranging from not just 10 or 100 times faster, but quite often 1,000 times faster, occasionally 10,000 times faster, and in a very special case more than 100,000 times faster.”

In addition to the speed, there is no inherent limit to the amount of data or analytical processing SAP HANA can support combining database, data processing and applicationplatform capabilities in-memory. This high speed predictive and text analysis of large data sets provides answers based on real-time information, with results reported “live” even astransactional data continues to be processed. The payoff is dynamic responsiveness that can improve virtually any facet of the business, making the enterprise more agile, responsive and efficient.

HANA buzz is getting bigger now... It is HANA everywhere… as a platform, as a database, in the cloud and on premise, what’s most crucial for customers today and as they look forward to 2015 and beyond. Let’s explore why HANA earned a reputation for “game-changing” real-time platform for analytics and applications: