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Around the world and across all sectors, organizations are experiencing an unprecedented pace of change. As a result, businesses are rapidly re-evaluating their operating models and market strategies not just to withstand these market forces, but capitalize on them.

Particularly, Procurement has a significant role to play in helping their organizations achieve their objectives and prepare for the uncertainty ahead. In part, this will require Procurement to focus on driving costs out of the business. But the opportunity also exists for the function to add value in a much more strategic way.

Clearly, it is time for Procurement functions to shine. However the reality is that most Procurement functions have not moved as quickly to address supply chain efficiency as some organizations have demanded. In fact, many Procurement functions have struggled to raise their game beyond simple tactical activity and (re)negotiating low cost contracts, to a broader and more strategic role within the wider business.

On the other hand, supply chain technology and business systems have evolved rapidly and many Innovation Driven Enterprises (IDE’s)have stepped-up their game, fundamentally changing the way they work with the business and – as a result – are increasingly taking a leadership role in helping drive growth and reduce costs across the organization.An opportunity exists for Procurement professionals to drive real value for their organizations and – as a result – tangible competitive advantage. Now it’s up to CPOs and Supply Chain Directors to make the most of this opportunity.

Close the loop from analyze to pay – with SAP and Ariba sourcing and procurement software.Accelerate and automate your procurement processes, proactively ensure compliance, and cut costs with our procurement applications for businesses large and small. We can help you achieve a quick return on your investment (ROI) – whether you choose to deploy on premise, on-demand, or via the cloud.

  • Gain insight into company-wide spend performance
  • Identify opportunities and potential for savings
  • Streamline spend analysis, source-to-contract, and procure-to-pay processes
  • Heighten visibility into supplier relationships, performance, and risk
  • Get up and running quickly with our rapid deployment solutions for procurement
  • Harness the latest technology – including cloud, in-memory, analytics, and mobille
  • Simplify the user experience on any device – with SAP Fiori UX