SAP Services

Supply Chain Management

In an industry where the sole aim is to get the product and services to the right place, right cost, right volume at the right time, every aspect of a supply chain must be looked at. From customs, shipping, where it is manufactured, where it is heading,let it be the end user or a distribution center-there is great value in being able to understand where those products are.

Customers in general are becoming more demanding,and it's really important for us to be agile enough to beable to not just meet, but exceed these customers' needsgoing forward.What we try and do at Buinsberry is not just look at oneaspect, or function, of the supply chain, but focus on optimizing the whole end-to-end supply chain – it's a realcritical aspect for us.”

Many companies develop their SCM strategies "one module at a time," rather than building a holistic framework.Successful supply chain management starts with clearstrategy; are you there to have operationalefficiency? Are you there to have customerintimacy? Be clear on your strategy, then you cancommunicate to your business what you're trying toachieve and categorically it will follow.