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Human Capital Management

Human capital will continue to be an organization’s largest investment in 2014 and if productive will be one of its most valuable assets and differentiators. It also continues to rank as top priority by CEOs across the industry. We anticipate that businesses that take advantage of the innovative technology now available for human capital management (HCM) will gain a competitive advantage.

Companies that develop a deep understanding of their capability gaps can then build a global skills supply chain to address critical needs. This workforce supply chain can be filled by tapping into new skills pools in new locations, creating innovative new ways of working that provide access to a broader range of talent, and developing skills throughout the workforce from the youngest recruits to the most experienced employees.

As per the recent major survey carried by Gallup and Deloitte on Global Human Capital Trends, companies are struggling to engage our modern, 21st century workforce.This is a worldwide issue. Gallup research shows that only 13% of employees around the world are actively engaged at work, and more than twice that number are so disengaged they are likely to spread negativity to others.Before we understand what’s going on, let us share some statistics from the research:

  • 86% of business and HR leaders believe they do not have an adequate leadership pipeline
  • 79% believe they have a significant retention and engagement problem
  • 77% do not feel they have the right HR skills to address the issue
  • 75% are struggling to attract and recruiting the top people they need
  • Only 17% feel they have a compelling and engaging employment brand

Now that we’ve identified the problem, we suggest that the solutions are not easy. Many of the work practices in large companies have been built up over decades – and leaders are often afraid to make innovative & radical changes.

Now is the time to think holistically about your company’s work environment and consider what you can do to create passion, engagement, accountability and commitment. It may be “the issue” we face in business over the next few years. Let’s explore on how Buinsberry’s SAP Human Capital Management solutions are shifting the workforce environments from “reactive to proactive”.