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Finance & Performance Management

There may be signs the global recession is over, but many of us are still feeling the pinch due to loss of liquidity, the uncertainty on future revenues and the speed at which conditions were changing. Post-recession, many companies have shifted their focus to growing top line revenues and market share through strategic initiatives such as acquisitions divestitures, and reorganizations. By remaining focused on driving efficiency and productivity while reducing complexity across the enterprise, it accelerates companies’ abilities to support these strategic goals and have an edge with the competitors.

As a finance executive, your focus should be on guiding your organization to a financially positivefuture. But this isn't easy even if you have the latest business intelligence and reporting solutions to understand past and current performance. To succeed, you need to bridge the gap between strategic and operational decision making.

Advanced analytics Buinsberry Solution from SAP can help. Designed for business users, the SAP software combines the power of data visualization, data mining, predictive modeling and collaboration to provide lightning fast insight into financial and operations contexts. With full support for the record to act process, it helps you examine the past, extrapolate the future and take the best corrective action.

As you execute business plans, you can assess your direction by answering questions like "Based on the past, what's likely going-to happened?" and "Which factors are correlated and how will they impact the organization?" As a result you can take steps to reach goals faster, gain a competitive edge, capture opportunities and address issues that could derail future performance.

Accounting and Financial Close

Produce accurate and timely financial reports while complying with evolving accounting standards.

Enterprise Risk and Compliance

Proactively protect your organization's value with our governance, risk, and compliance solutions.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Become more agile by relying on our enterprise performance management software – from strategy management right through to execution.

Invoice to Pay

Streamline your accounts payable process, monitor payment status, and ensure payment compliance with our end-to-end invoice management system.

Receivables Management

Improve your accounts receivable management with sophisticated customer credit analysis, streamlined debt collection, and seamless integration.

Shared Services for Finance

Get more value from your administrative resources with a financial shared services framework – and improve your control, visibility, and regulatory compliance.

Travel Management

Standardize corporate travel processes with a single travel management solution to drive efficiency and see significant savings.

Treasury and Financial Risk Management

Take advantage of corporate treasury tools that work for financial risk management, regulatory compliance, and cash flow and liquidity monitoring.

Real Estate Lifecycle Management

Effectively plan your investments – and align the related acquisition, construction, sales, maintenance, and accounting activities with your corporate goals.

Business Suite Applications

Support all core business operations with fully integrated, best-in-class applications that run on SAP HANA or a database of your choice – on premise or in the cloud – for maximum flexibility.

User Experience for Finance

Save time and boost productivity using customizable, user-friendly apps to help finance employees analyze reports, payments, and budgets from a single dashboard – across multiple devices.