RFID Solutions

Banking System RFID

Banking System RFID

Asset Tracking

The first step to any asset management program is to identify and record (inventory) all assets. This initial step may be very time consuming, but must be done thoroughly to provide an accurate foundation that enables future improvements

Identifying and recording all assets provides a snapshot that gives the organization an accurate view of its assets for a brief period of time. For asset management to be effective, organizations need to create and use consistent processes to record changes in asset location, condition and availability. These Assets could be General Assets such as Safes, Tables, High value items, & IT assets such as Computer, Laptop, Tape Cartridges etc. Buinsberry's RFID solution simplifies the identifying & recording process and helps ensure that information is entered accurately


 Organizations can save enormous time in periodic inventory process, which can be reduced from hours/days to minutes
 Eliminates Paper work & manual data entry

Regulatory Compliance

 Reduces Capital Expenditure by not having excess Asset
 Eliminates unnecessary & redundant assets
 Reduces total lifecycle Cost of assets
 Effective Capacity & Preventive Maintenance planning can be done

Personalized Customer Service

Every organization, no matter of its size, vies for utmost Customer Satisfaction. Customer Service has a taken new dimension called Personalized Service. Every Customer's requirements are different in some or the other aspects. First step in Personalized Customer Service is recognizing & attending him/her.

This can happen only if the organization/staff can recognize a Customer & his/her transaction details are available in time. This is the first & most challenging step in any personalized service business

Banks are vying to service their customers based on the kind of business they do with them. High net worth customers require bank's immediate attention & hence need to be attended by a relationship management staff as soon as they enter the bank's premises. But, it is difficult to remember every customer's name & their needs by the limited number of relationship management staff

Buinsberry's RFID Solution helps bank identify & locate customers automatically as soon as they enter Bank's premises, without human intervention. As soon as the customer is identified automatically, his/her transaction history & type of business which is available in the database is immediately available to the staffs who are assigned to receive & serve him/her. This makes staff's life easy even without remembering the customer's name & details or manually searching through the database to retrieve his details

Measurement of Quality of Service

 Banks can measure the Quality of Service to their customers by analyzing how quickly & efficiently Customers were served during their visit to the Bank

Employee performance Measurement Tool

 Can be used as Employee Performance Measurement tool by having the statistics of how many Customers were attended by an Employee & how quickly they were served etc.

Business Analytics

 The Bank can analyze how long Customers waited before being selected by someone from the relationship-management team, as well as how long the client took to complete a transaction