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Corporate Solution RFID

Corporate Solution RFID

The first step to any asset management program is to identify and record (inventory) all assets. This initial step may be very time consuming, but must be done thoroughly to provide an accurate foundation that enables future improvements. Identifying and recording all assets provides a snapshot that gives the organization an accurate view of its assets for a brief period of time. For asset management to be effective, organizations need to create and use consistent processes to record changes in asset location, condition and availability

These Assets could be General Assets such as Safes, Tables, High value items, & IT assets such as Computer, Laptop, Tape Cartridges etc. Buinsberry's RFID solution simplifies the identifying & recording process and helps ensure that information is entered accurately

Asset Tracking - Productivity

 Organizations can save enormous time in periodic inventory process, which can be reduced from hours/days to minutes
 Eliminates Paper work & manual data entry

Regulatory Compliance:

 Reduces Capital Expenditure by not having excess Asset
 Eliminate unnecessary & redundant assets
 Reduce total lifecycle Cost of assets
 Capacity & Preventive Maintenance planning