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Jewelry RFID Solution

Jewelry RFID Solution

Jewelry businesses deal with expensive assets on a daily basis where the loss of even a single item can be expensive. As a result Jewelers need to keep track of their assets for both accounting as well as insurance purposes. By attaching a RFID tag to each Jewelry item, every item in the inventory can be instantly counted and inventoried

 Perform daily inventories instead of once per month / week. This provides information about which items are selling best, the stock that needs to be replenished. This empowers the retail business with detail knowledge of customer shopping behavior within stores, find out the average shelf life of Jewelry item, the effectiveness of product physical positioning in relation to sales, & customer buying patterns

 Eliminate gaps between recorded inventories and physical inventories. Accurate Stock Checking lowers inventory costs at high level. Reduced out of stock conditions

 Reduce the time to react from theft from 1 month / 1 week to several hours

 Improve customer experience by speedy billing process at counters

 Scalable to Enterprise level for connecting across multiple centers / stores