RFID Solutions

Oil & Gas RIFD Solution

Oil & Gas RIFD Solution

RFID can help the oil & gas companies to improve their overall operational efficiency to be competitive in the market. RFID can be used for applications within the Oil & Gas Industry


 Automated Triggering of perforating guns inside the oil wells eliminates the need for lengthy gun gamma ray positioning tools

Crude Supply

 Automatically identifying individual pipe joints in harsh environments provides greater accuracy of joint assemblies to avoid leakages & improves safety

Oil Refineries

 Benefits in Safety Audit of Oil Refinery check valves
 Ensures 100% accuracy and assures that correct safety equipment is in the correct location and set at the correct pressure rating
 Reduces these safety checks that cause the oil refinery downtime

Product Distribution

 Delivery Movement & tracking of oil tankers
 Minimize costly driver & vehicle downtime


 Cashless transactions at Gas stations
 Simplified personalized services
 Speed purchases
 Automated loyalty programs


 Equipment Servicing & Corrective actions
 Improve operational excellence

Workflow & Productivity Management

 Improved security & safety
 Automated HR Management

Gas cylinder tracking throughout the Supply chain

 Improved Asset visibility
 Prevents misuse of cylinders