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Supply Chain Management RFID Solution

No Content.....Improved operational efficiency has been the key engine behind the continued adoption of RFID across different end-user sectors. Moreover, RFID enables end-to-end visibility, thereby enabling efficient tracking and tracing of assets and personnel. Furthermore, this technology enables identifying customer behavior and patterns which enhances the decision-making capabilities of businesses. Continued efforts to leverage the essence of data are expected to develop new data mining and analytics applications.

RFID, a revolution in global tracking and tracing operations, is par excellence when compared to other technologies, so much so that the future of other technologies is at stake. Overcoming several challenges, radio frequency identification (RFID) has gradually gained prominence, spanning the commercial and industrial segments across industries. Despite gaining greater traction, a significant per cent of customers are yet to adopt this technology.

Buinsberry has applied its first-hand experience, functional expertise, and technical leadership to help clients identify and achieve real business value through RFID. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of customer's business, operations and supply chain activities.

Buinsberry RFID Solution covers full spectrum of RFID Frequencies, Tag-Types, Sensors and Material Handling Equipment’s.