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SharePoint Add-ons

SharePoint Add-ons

We’ve expertise professionals engaged in developing and delivering solutions and services based on Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies. We help the enterprises to address their various needs from the early to advanced stage of adopting SharePoint technologies. Our offerings for SharePoint include:

 SharePoint Content Management Portal Development
 SharePoint Enterprise Search Enablement
 SharePoint Add-ons Development & Customizations
 SharePoint Integration & Hosting Services
 Implementation Services
 Application Maintenance & Support
 Consulting Services

SharePoint Add-ons

We’ve developed add-on tools, which offers a seamless integration and supplements the additional functional needs of the enterprises leveraging the SharePoint applications for various content management and workflow management processes. Our SharePoint add-ons enhance the functionalities of SharePoint by providing additional features that simplifies and optimizes the management of the SharePoint portal.

SharePoint Content Migration

Our SharePoint Content Migration tool provides an automated migration platform for extracting, validating, transforming and loading the contents into SharePoint 2010 from lower versions of the SharePoint application. This end-to-end SharePoint migration solution replaces the tedious and time consuming conventional method of writing database migration codes, extraction, cleansing, copying and pasting the contents from lower versions to SharePoint 2010. This reduces the high migration costs, content freeze periods and meet the timelines which aren’t a regular phenomenon in conventional migration methods.

The SharePoint Content Migration platform automates each of the process involved in content migration which includes, data extraction from the source, loading, validating the conformance of data with business rules and transferring to the destination - SharePoint 2010.

Our SharePoint Content Migration platform enables the enterprises for a smooth and quick transfer of contents in conformance to the security compliance while non-interrupting the business integrity and continuity.

Our SharePoint Content Migration platform provides a seamless integration with SharePoint 2010 and supports WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007 establishing a strong SP server and database connections required for the data transfer. The platform performs migration by copying and transferring the data to SharePoint 2010 and restoring a copy of the data in the source server thereby facilitating the administrators to have a check on and transfer the missing items.

The tool supports data transfers for contents, documents, libraries, web parts, meta data with their integrated features intact. The folder structures, document properties and meta data remains unaffected by simple custom settings configuration and the document & content transfer trails are tracked leveraging the audit log capabilities of the tool.

Key Benefits

 Cost effective solution with simple configuration providing seamless integration with SharePoint 2010 and supporting the versions WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007 to the fullest extent
 Our automated SharePoint Content Migration tool involves only 1/10th of the time and effort consumed by the conventional migration methods and addresses the time to market needs
 Saves 1/5th of the migration cost and reduces the administrators time and effort involved in the migration process when compared to the conventional migration methods
 Reduced manual intervention preserves the data quality and quicker transition to the higher version superseded with user friendly and advanced new features in addition to the existing ones that enhances the user productivity and business flow
 Secured data transfer with status quo in user access controls for accessing and performing various activities on the documents & contents
 Audit trail features to track the data transfers and ensure 100% migration is done and no information is lost

Alerts Monitor

Our Alerts Monitor is a prudent alert management system for SharePoint application portal where it provides a consolidated view and a centralized platform to manage alerts configured and generated in various sites on different types of documents and processes for the users. The Alerts Monitor addresses the functional gaps of the current alert system in SharePoint application, which lacks administrative and management features needed for effective utilization of alert system in day-to-day business operations.

Our Alerts Monitor is designed to run on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and MOSS 2007 with seamless integration, extensible alert monitoring & management features and search capabilities saving a considerable amount of time involved in administrative tasks of handling the alerts for different titles and users.

The new tool enables the admin users to

 Have centralized management of alerts
 Overview of alerts pertaining to different sites and users in single page
 Add, delete or edit alerts on the various activities performed in the SharePoint application and the library for different users
 Set alert statuses (ON/OFF) and frequencies for various documents, calendar items, tasks and other titles listed in the SharePoint application and library
 Configure sending alerts to email IDs of the users
 Monitor alerts generated for various titles such as document, calendar, task for different users
 Search alerts with filtering options based on user & title
 View total and individual alert counts for the sites and users

Our Alerts Monitor tool provides the admin users a rich user-friendly interface facilitating the effective handling of managerial tasks and reduces the complexity of administering and monitoring the alert system by reducing the multiple site navigation to a single page administration. It provides enhanced alert management capabilities of configuring customized alerts and reminders for the users based on their profile that gives a regular insight and track on the ongoing project activities and regulates the inbox traffic of the users as well.

The alerts management tool also provides extensive features for SharePoint users in configuring their alert statuses and reminders for various activities and processes performed in the application.

SharePoint User Password Change Tool

Our SharePoint Password Management portal is designed to enable the SharePoint users reset their password by themselves thereby saving the admin users’ time and effort involved in handling the password management help tickets.

Our User Password Change Tool allows the users to “serve themselves” in resetting a new password. It replaces the time consuming process of raising the help tickets and engaging the admin users’ effort in setting up the new passwords.

Now the new tool allows both the Active Directory Services (ADS) / Non ADS users to configure their own passwords in the SharePoint portal site without site administrator intervention or IIS expiration pages, thus helping the administrators to route their time and effort involved in password management to other critical IT issues that needs to be addressed in a timely manner to ensure smooth and undisrupted business flow.

Our User Password Change Tool provides a robust and secured solution with features that includes:

 Customizing and displaying the password policy text on user interface
 Tracking option for administrators to trail the user activities on password management instead of frequent email notifications
 Multiple security zones with form-based authentication for users to configure their passwords
 Ensuring that users adhere password reset processes in compliance to the defined security policies
 Restricted access to configure passwords only for the logged-in user account
 Email notifications for users regarding their password change status

The key benefits of this add-on solution include:

 Secured and cost effective solution with simple configuration procedures that provides seamless integration with the SharePoint application
 Reduced help tickets relating to the password management thereby saving the time and effort of the administrator users for other time critical tasks
 Users can handle by themselves the password management activities
 Reduced turn-around time in setting up the new passwords by replacement of the old tedious process of raising help tickets and email notifications to administrator on configuring new passwords
 Regulations for users to adhere to standard security policy while configuring the passwords
 No manual errors, which were caused while the password management activities were carried out by IT support staffs
 Gives the advantage for users to have their password secured and remain concealed even to the administrator user