Sharepoint Solutions

Sharepoint Capabilities

Sharepoint Capabilities

 SharePoint Sites – SharePoint 2010 Sites provide a single infrastructure for all your business Web sites. Share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners and publish information to customers. Think of SharePoint 2010 Sites as a “one-stop shop” for all your business Web sites. It provides a full set of tools that your people can use to create any kind of site, plus a single infrastructure that simplifies site management. From a team site for colleagues, to an extranet site for partners, to an Internet site for customers, people can share and publish information using one familiar system.

 SharePoint Composites – SharePoint 2010 Composites offers tools and components for creating do-it-yourself business solutions. Build no-code solutions to rapidly respond to business needs. SharePoint 2010 Composites provide building blocks that you can use to assemble, connect, and configure collaborative business solutions. Share Microsoft Visio diagrams and Microsoft Access databases. Use Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Microsoft InfoPath to design solutions based on workflows and forms.

 SharePoint Communities – SharePoint 2010 Communities delivers great collaboration tools—and a single platform to manage them. Make it easy for people to share ideas and work together the way they want using a full set of collaboration tools - from wikis to workflows and team sites to tagging. A single, flexible platform makes it easy to manage these tools and design the right collaborative experiences for different business needs.

 SharePoint Insights – SharePoint 2010 Insights gives everyone access to the information in databases, reports, and business applications. Help people locate the information they need to make good decisions. With powerful features like interactive dashboards and scorecards, people can use the information in databases, reports and business applications to address specific needs.

 SharePoint Content – SharePoint 2010 Content makes content management easy. Set up compliance measures ”behind the scenes”—with features like document types, retention polices and automatic content sorting—and then let people work naturally in Microsoft Office.

 SharePoint Search – SharePoint 2010 Search helps your people find the information they need to get their jobs done. It provides intranet search, people search, and a platform to build search-driven applications—all on a single, cost-effective infrastructure. But what’s so unique about SharePoint 2010 Search is its combination of relevance, refinement and people. This new approach to search provides an experience that is highly personalized, efficient, and effective.