Sharepoint Solutions

Sharepoint Solution

Sharepoint Solutions

Buinsberry SharePoint solutions are divided into 3 service offerings designed to satisfy the needs of any business ranging from basic content management implementations to a robust, custom and end-to-end Enterprise Content Management solution.

 Knowledge Management (KM) Portal – KM Portal is our base installation of SharePoint, configured to satisfy the most common business requirements.
 Advanced Configuration – Advanced SharePoint configurations take the KM Portal offering to another level. ZSL consultants take the necessary time to understand customer’s unique requirements and then implement finely tuned SharePoint solutions (configuration only).
 Custom Development – For those requirements that necessitate custom development to satisfy specific business needs, the ZSL SharePoint Services team has the expertise and experience to access, extend and modify SharePoint 2010 programmatically to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers.

SharePoint Migration

 Migration from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 – Zylog Team had executed the migration from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 using both the In-Place Upgrade and Database Attach Upgrade approaches. When Microsoft released their latest version of SharePoint in early 2010 (SharePoint Server 2010), the extent of new features and functionality they introduced took the IT community by storm. ZSL has created a centre of excellence, specializing in moving customers off their existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform to SharePoint. ZSL also has in-depth experience migrating platforms from 32 bit environments to 64 bit.

 Humming Bird to SharePoint Migration - HummingBird to SharePoint Migration solution built by Zylog is used for effectively transferring documents from HummingBird (file systems) DM to document libraries in MOSS 2007. This act as a bridge between SQL database and file system. The key initiatives of this solution include
 Document profile information
 Meta Data Information
 Versions
 Document Path information

These comprehensive SharePoint services offering combined with our deployment, migration, upgrade and hosting and support services; provide a complete, end-to-end solution allowing our customers to exploit many advantages of a SharePoint solution rapidly. If desired, customers can be up and running without incurring capital costs by avoiding spend associated with facilities and equipment.