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SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Services

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Services

One of our key specialties is upgrading customer environments from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or earlier to SharePoint Server 2010. We have renowned experts on staff, along with proven processes and methodologies, to assist our customers with a seamless, risk-free upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010, both in-place upgrade and database attach upgrade.

 In-Place 2010 Upgrade - An in-place upgrade takes place on the same hardware as your previous version installation. When you run an in-place upgrade, the process upgrades the complete installation in a fixed order.
 Database Attach 2010 Upgrade - A database attach upgrade enables you to move to new hardware or a new farm. During a database attach upgrade, you detach all the content databases from an existing farm and then attach the databases to a new server farm installation. When you attach the databases to the new server farm, the upgrade process runs and upgrades the data in place.

Our team experience with several downtime mitigation techniques that can be used during an upgrade to reduce the amount of time that users cannot access content or to increase upgrade performance. This includes techniques such as parallel upgrades, database method with read-only databases and in-place upgrade with detached databases.

Before running any process to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, you have to determine an upgrade approach that best suits your business and current infrastructure. From planning and preparation right through till the final post-upgrade activity, ZSL’s SharePoint team offers a full-service upgrade offering to get your organization onto SharePoint 2010 seamlessly.

Migration to SharePoint 2010 includes the following Upgrade approaches

 In-place Upgrade
 Database Attach Upgrade
In-place upgrade Upgrade servers or server farm from a previous version of the SharePoint Products to a new version. Database attach upgrade Migrates the content into a new SharePoint environment from its backend database environment. Hardware Requirements for Migration to SharePoint 2010  SharePoint Server 2010 should be 64-bit.  Requires 64-bit Windows Server 2008 or 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2.  Requires 64-bit SQL Server 2008 or 64-bit SQL Server 2005