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Online Bulk Messaging System

Today, GSM phones are far more popular than the Internet as contact channels. Corporates have thus been looking at opportunities to extend their businesses over SMS to improve customer relations and cross-selling.

Mobile operators on their part have been looking at increasing their revenues through data services. While initially their concentration was on providing services to consumers, operators have eventually realized the potential of these services for corporates. They have therefore been looking at solutions that will enable them to benefit from such services and simultaneously increase data usage. This in turn will increase revenues from data services.

With SMS.Companion early realization of this potential, it has developed the solution as a bridge between mobile operators and corporates. SMS.Companion has also hosted it on behalf of the mobile operators to provide a platform for corporates to get going with SMS. The objectives for SMS.Companion included the business case for the mobile operators and the corporates.

Mobile operators have recognized bulk SMS as a potential source of increasing SMS traffic and thereby enhancing revenue opportunities. In response to corporate demand, mobile operators have issued bulk SMS prices based on the volume of consumption. While most mobile operators have the infrastructure to connect and broadcast the SMS, the client interface to perform those functions has not been available - until now.

The Case for Mobile Operators

When designing SMS.Companion for the mobile operator, the requirements considered were:

 How can SMS volumes be increased through corporates?
 How can corporates be brought into the SMS network without a serious increase in costs towards high cost additional infrastructure, training of staff in branches, lengthy processes for registration and connection, and more importantly, customer support?

Why Choose SMS.Companion?

Some key considerations:

 SMS.Companion meets the most common and basic requirements for bulk messaging. It is developed by an organization that understands the domain requirements of businesses in any region.
 The flexibility available for the mobile operators to either license the product or provide it on an ASP basis.
 The experience of our strategic partners in developing products for various business domains and its credibility with these organizations.
 The capability of SMS.Companion to integrate with existing:
 Back-end systems (of corporates)
 SMS and billing infrastructure (of mobile operators); thereby providing an end-to-end solution
 The fact that practically all the service requirements for registration, purchase of messages, utilization, billing and tracking are automated and can be tracked over the Internet by the users themselves, thereby providing the mobile operators with a quick and attractive deployment option.
 The fact that SMS.Companion deployment by us is highly successful and has several mobile operators, credible corporates (including multinationals) and government departments using it today in the Middle East.
 As a product that can be installed with minimum time to market, the cost is highly economical.
 SMS.Companion has add-on products for Campaign Management (mobile marketing), Voting, Quiz, Loyalty Management and CRM that can be licensed separately but plugged into SMS.Companion to provide a focused solution.

Key Features

Messaging Feature

 Support for Push and Pull SMS
 Multiple SMS formats: Flash, Blinking, Ring Tones, Logos, Concatenated SMS
 Premium messaging: Different prices based on the value of content
 OTA settings support
 English and Regional messaging (Unicode compliant)
 Send SMS in 1-to-1 or 1-to-many modes
 Send customized messages using replaceable parameters
 Customizable sender ID branding
 Opt-in/Opt-out facility
 Auto top-up of SMS accounts

Administration Features

 Distribution List (DL) management
 Content management system for ring tones and logos
 SIM hosting and configuration management
 System administration and user management
 Anti-spam controls
 Bulk SMS tariff management
 Online message tracking and delivery reports
 Message statistics and presentation-quality reports
 Prepaid and Post-paid billing support
 Billing reports and invoice generation
 Throttling and congestion management
 Customer-based blacklisting

Support Features

 Integration to payment gateway(s)

 Integration to billing and other back-end systems
 Open APIs to support integration with enterprise systems
 Multiple protocol support (including SMPP 3.3 and 3.4)
 Online help and user documentation
 Integration services and expertise for turnkey services
 Customized user interfaces for corporate license installations