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Card Alerts

Card Alerts

Credit card fraud has reached dangerous proportions today. It has directly affected the credit card business since consumers are reluctant to use credit cards, especially on the Internet, for fear of potential fraud on their cards.

CardAlerts uses the latest in wireless technology to bring relief to all parties involved in credit card transactions. The system instantly notifies the cardholder via SMS on his mobile phone for every authorization on his card. In case of misuse, the cardholder is alerted immediately and he can report it to the bank without any loss of time.


The services are not confined to transactions alone and are extended to diverse notifications. An indicative list of services is given below. The system is flexible for customization and addition of new services to suit the specific requirements of banks.

Salient Features

 'Plug and play' operation to all authorization notifications - no integration with any acquirer or issuer system
 Cardholders can personalize and configure services as well as define transaction limits
 Cardholders can maintain multiple cards and multiple mobile numbers
 Easy to add services
 Powerful Notification Server to handle messages
 Alerts/Notifications
 As and when a charge is made
 Hot listing notification
 Cash withdrawals
 When a statement is raised
 Non-payment
 Reminders for payment on due date
 Limit reaching a certain low level
 Purchase transactions
 Internet/MOTO transactions
 Acknowledgements of hot listing request


 CardAlerts has three core modules to manage activities of cardholders, system administration and message handling:
 Cardholders Module
 System Administration Module
 Message Manager