Mobile Solutions

Impetus - Delivering brands into customers’ hands!

Impetus - Delivering brands into customers’ hands!

Publishers, Media Groups, Broadcasters and Agencies have been quick to recognize the benefits of creating mobile campaigns for interactive publicity, advertising, media buying, direct marketing and sales promotions. The high response and recall rates that these 'mobile marketing' campaigns benefit from establishes the fact that they are significantly more cost-effective than conventional media. Mobile marketing is now poised to capture a considerable amount of both the 'above' and 'below' the line advertising spend.

Recognizing this niche, Our R&D team developed a flagship product - Impetus - for automated mobile marketing and communication services that facilitates high customer conversion rates in this all new media segment.

Impetus is a robust delivery platform that will integrate seamlessly with your back-end systems to make time-sensitive, location-based, interactive and real-time mobile marketing a lucrative reality.

Why Mobile?

 High mobile phone penetration worldwide
 Messages are read by the consumer
 Higher redemptions compared to conventional media
 Messages can be timed perfectly to achieve maximum impact
 Messages can be targeted to a specific geographical location
 Instant 'call to action' mechanism for direct mail, radio, TV and newspapers
 More cost effective than other media and can readily prove ROI

Why Impetus?

 Companies can make an effortless entry in the mobile marketing arena
 Build a marketing strategy around customers
 Capitalize on the high response + recall value of the 'mobile' medium
 Create new revenue streams
 Profile customers based on age, income, preferences, and more
 Increase effective and secure channels of communication
 Win customers instantly with innovation and intelligence
 Impetus gives you complete control of your mobile marketing campaign - from start to finish. Campaigns can vary from a simple 'push-based' outbound sales alert message to a very complicated two-way interaction with the consumer. Impetus can create tremendous value for you through interactive quizzing, event-based competitions, opinion polls, surveys and lots more.

The Impetus Advantage

 Ready-to-deploy application
 Multiple-channel delivery (SMS, MMS, e-mail)
 Built for support on Windows, Unix and Linux
 User-friendly and convenient interface
 Multi-user management
 Secure and scalable solution

Key Features

 Campaign Creation
 Possibility to set up and manage multiple campaigns and accounts
 Web-based campaign management
 Application and servers hosted at our strategic partners Data Center
 Monitored on a 24X7 basis

Campaign Management

 Permission-based campaigns with opt-in and opt-out management
 Connections with over 500 networks in 170 countries

Campaign Analysis

Access to real-time campaign results and statistics
Robust reporting and campaign tracking tools

Solution Architecture

 Distributed control system
 Centralized configuration and live reconfiguration
 Information logging and auditing
 Automated monitoring and recovery
 Alerting mechanisms
 Automated archiving and archive search
 Secure message queuing and delivery
 Clustered servers with full redundancy back up

Highly intuitive and interactive, the application is available as a licensed and ASP model and supports multi-lingual messaging. With its extensive connectivity, real-time reporting and robust campaign management capabilities, Impetus promises to provide the complete dynamic marketing tool for your business.