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Mail.Companion provides users with highly personalized real-time SMS alerts whenever e-mails are received in their inbox. A simple, user-friendly module allows users to receive SMS alerts customized according to various criteria such as sender or level of urgency.

Mail.Companion is a powerful tool that provides users with SMS alerts on their mobile phones for new e-mail delivered to their inboxes. It offers high value with information delivery that is speedy, organized and assured.

Key Features

 24x7 accessibility to e-mail boxes via mobile phone
 Fully interactive: Receive e-mail message alerts on your mobile phone
 Configurable to detect and display e-mails sent/copied to or by specific persons
 Configurable to detect and display e-mails that are marked urgent
 Capable of forwarding your office or home e-mails to your mobile phone
 Configurable to display varied e-mail details on SMS:
 Sender
 Sender and Subject
 Sender, Subject and Partial Text
 Full Message
 Global coverage
 SMS-based solution built on Microsoft's Exchange Server

How Mail.companion Works

 Mail.companion recognizes new e-mail on the Exchange Server as soon as it arrives.
 It then checks the alerts configured in the client mailbox.
 The system sends an SMS request to the gateway.
 Mail.companion then shoots off the required SMS through the GSM network.
 The mail reaches its destination mobile phone - with speed, without fail!
 Mail.companion can also be extended to reply to the e-mail via SMS.