Mobile Solutions



Sales.Companion enables sales forces of corporate organizations to access product inventory and pricing information at any time from their mobile devices, leaving them much better positioned to sell the products to customers.

How Sales.Companion Works

In order to check the stock status of a particular product, the salesperson has to simply send the product code as an SMS message to the central database in his office. Sales.companion will then interpret the message, access the database and retrieve all information pertaining to that product. This information is then automatically sent as an SMS message by the application to the salesperson's PDA over GPRS. All this in a matter of seconds!

Just as product information can be retrieved from the central database, the salesperson can also send information on orders booked for any product as an SMS message. Sales.companion will interpret that message and update the product stock status, thus enabling close interaction with the database by the field force.

The system can be used to:
 Enquire about availability of a particular product from the inventory
 Check the latest prices
 Accept purchase orders and update online
 Update deliveries
 Check pending payments
 Update inventory

Advantages of Sales.companion

 Sales personnel can check the availability of products against the request of the customer online, leading to much more proactive sales.
 Sales personnel have the latest information on pricing and inventory at their fingertips.
 Sales information is updated immediately after the sale and not necessarily after the salesperson returns to the office. This not only minimizes turnaround time but also enhances productivity.
 The sales force is in constant touch with the office and in a more cost-effective way.
 The organization can enjoy a reduction in personnel overheads as most tasks get automated - both on the field and in the warehouse.
 Fresh enquiries can be sent immediately to the sales force. The technology ensures that only the intended recipients receive the message.