Mobile Solutions



School.Companion bridges the communication gap between schools, students and parents to reduce administrative pressure and enhance interaction. Its key focus is to blend in mobility and accessibility with the regular exchange of ideas and information.

As a school, you wish to encourage, support and comfort students and parents. You want to pioneer, set examples and lead from the front. School.Companion makes this process very simple because it gives you the power of time-sensitive, easy-to-use communication at minimal cost and effort.

Now, you can send gentle reminders to parents for important issues, give your achievers a pat on the back with congratulatory messages or simply wish fraternity on special occasions such as festivals or Teacher's Day! School.Companion's innovative communication options help you to reach out and build bonds.

Managing emergencies and contacting and notifying parents can be a challenge to any school's administration. School.Companion's intelligent distribution list management features give the school's staff one-point access to profiled databases of parents; based on class, division, region, and more. Parents can individually or collectively be notified of crucial information and events in a span of minutes. School.Companion's reliable and user-friendly platform provides instantaneous messaging services that facilitate the safeguarding of vulnerable children. Schools can now effectively use the power of immediate notification.

The key to smart education is interaction. When students respond AND react, you get results. School.Companion adds the much needed boost to studies and classes because it has been custom-designed to supplement school activities and complement education.

School.Companion can be deployed as a Portal with simple and easy-to-use interfaces. Students and parents can interact with the school, teachers and counsellors to review lessons, grades and career plans. Students will also be encouraged to participate in mind games and class quizzes. In this way, the Portal would be a one-stop spot for critical and casual activities that add 'mobility' to education.


 Broadcasts
 Emergency messaging
 Distribution lists - by class, grade, major
 Message templates
 Customized messages to parents, teachers and students
 Messages for greetings, commendations
 Scheduled messaging to a target audience


 Class quizzes
 Chat groups; parents, teachers, committees
 Interactive events for colleagues, alumni
 Polls and surveys
 Mobile elections


 Revision
 Holiday/Weekend homework requests
 Interactive challenge response for various subjects
 SMS-based tests
 Exam portion requests

School.Companion not only facilitates better dialogue and processes, it ensures them. With features that include Message Queuing, Retries, Delivery Notifications, Binary Messaging, Opt-in/Opt-out and Billing, School.Companion transports schools into a new era of convenience and quality.

School.Companion... because it's time to adopt the new school of thought