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SmartPrise BI Mobile

SmartPrise BI Mobile

In today's fast paced corporate environment "Mobile business intelligence is becoming a must-do" item for more and more corporate BI teams. As the use of smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices escalates in the workplace, so does the interest in mobile business intelligence applications among corporate executives, sales teams and other end users.

As a result, more and more companies are evaluating the benefits, cost-effectiveness and challenges of implementing a mobile BI strategy. Mobile business intelligence applications that offer BI-on-the-go capabilities can increase the productivity of business users, whether they're in meetings or on the road.

Top Management Executives, also line managers and operations managers, want more immediate access to the wealth of data held in BI systems. They want quick responses, rather than waiting days, or even weeks, for a specialist to write an algorithm and then produce a traditional report or analysis.

However, managers also want more accessible information, including better visualization of the data gathered by BI. Although by no means do all companies need - and can afford the resources - to move to true real-time analytics, a growing number of managers will accept a specific level of detail and perhaps, analytical power, for a more accessible and more visual take on BI. And that type of BI lends itself to working on mobile devices.

Mobile BI is visually rich and appeals to an audience that doesn't like traditional BI tools: they are often too advanced for their needs and number of people doing BI away from the office is increasing rapidly since the “technology is allowing a decision maker to log in from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere, anytime and bring your business at your fingertips”.

Mobile BI has become more democratic and more employees can benefit from it on a day-to-day basis. It is shifting away from an elite group of users where actions take hours or weeks. If you have mobile access, it's easier to be right when it comes to making a decision, then and there.

 Buinsberry SmartPrise BI® Mobile extends the BI capabilities over the smart phones and tablets. It provides the users the great advantage of accessing their intelligence analytics reports, on the move, over their mobile devices such as iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Google Android.
 Our Mobile BI suite requires no coding or technical effort for the mobile enablement.
 Our mobile suite is much secured, easy to collaborate, facilitates remote accessibility to the data anywhere anytime and quick decision making at time of need.