Chairman Message

Bright ideas, Innovative business models and Global thinking that are changing our day-to-day world. Entire new industries and technologies unheard of 10 years ago are now regular parts of our lives. Buinsberry has always had a big vision to help people, organizations & communities to realize & shape-up a more-desirable possible future in its own way. In the earliest days of the company, we were the first company to introduce Fiber Optic Splicing Technology in Saudi Arabia, whereby we trained STC personnel to make our country a better place.

In this era of accelerating change, knowledge & process alone is no longer the key to a prosperous business. The critical skills are foresight & timely action. Knowledge & process quickly goes out of date, but foresight & timely action enables you to “navigate change”, innovation, make good decisions, and to create a “better future”.

Corporates should definitely watch with greater attention to global technology transformation services. Nevertheless, to play a relevant role in their market, Innovation Driven Enterprises should immediately implement targeted strategies, in order to take advantage of the potential of rapidly changing new technologies and services. This would allow them to go beyond a national level, thus becoming international leaders in their business vertical.

We passionately believe in sharing the expertise and opening-up the business platforms to explore each other competencies. Our International Collaboration with Global Technology Leaders not only bringing fresh ideas, resources, technology but also nurture local technological capability and develop local expertise and talent which needs to call upon others to make it a reality. As is evident, in today’s global economy, not much can be achieved when working in silos.The walls must be torn down and a new paradigm must be created, one that analyzes business opportunities, however unusual, through the lens of sustainability.

To conclude, the energy in our leadership team and the high passion levels in our young and dynamic team give us the confidence that we are well on our way to become one of the leading “innovation power house” in the region and shall continue to deliver game-changing solutions to our clients to keep them ahead of the game.

I would like to thank each and every one of our valuable customers, our team members, partners and well-wishers for their continued trust in driving Buinsberry for this exciting future.

Change is inevitable and constant and the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. So, let’s bring change together and say hello to future.

With Gratitude,

Nasser M. Al-Hammam
Chairman - Buinsberry